How To Find Discounted Furniture For Your New House

Dated: 06/05/2019

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The next step after getting the keys for your new house will always be finding ways on how to beautify it or if it’s already furnished, add interior items that can make your new home feel truly “yours”. One way to do this is to add furniture items that showcase your taste and preferences. You don’t even have to go further into debt just to make your new house more pleasing to live in.

Here we list some tips on how to find great discounted furniture: 

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TIP #1: Shop at Thrift Stores

While a large number of furniture pieces at thrift stores lack quality, there are quite a few unique and great finds for very low prices. The secret is to be patient and sure of what you picture your house to be. You’d be surprised to know that a lot of elegant-looking unique centerpieces and accessory items can be found at thrift stores!

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TIP #2: Buy Used Items on Craigslist and eBay

There is a tweak in shopping used furniture online that few people know and that is a lot of people are actually giving out items for FREE. This is for reasons that they find the items too bulky for moving out or perhaps they just want to help people with tight budget realize their dream homes. Other than that, you can also check out Craigslist, eBay, Freecycle, and Aptdeco for used but great pieces of furniture at really good prices. Just be wary of wears and tears and make sure that if there are any, they can be repairable. 

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TIP #3: Make a Great Purchase Timing

It’s great to take advantage of holiday sales such as Christmas or Independence but if you still want to be trendy while saving lots, experts recommend to shop in February where showrooms try to clear out their stuff to make room for new and updated items.

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TIP #4: Think About Upholstering

This can be in connection with Tip #2. If you can find a unique item that seems reasonable in terms of price, best to send it for upholstery stores and they can instantly make your item good as new. If you have old furniture, you can maybe try refinishing it by repainting or replacing a few loose pieces. Pinterest will be of great help!Image title


TIP #5: Watch Out For Moving out or Garage Sales

Keep a lookout on neighborhood moving out or garage sales. This has slightly more advantage compared to shopping online since the items are tangible and so you can immediately detect any defect on the spot. Garage Sales also offer an opportunity where you can ask for more discounted furniture from the owner especially if it’s their last day or they need to clear everything before their moving out date.

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TIP #6: Buy in Bulk

Discounts from buying wholesale also apply to furniture shopping. Aside from the savings you get, you can also save time and delivery charges if you choose to shop bulk of your items from a one-stop shop.

There you have it. Discounted or not, furniture is one thing that you should not compromise when putting up together your dream home. It’s best to have a clear vision of what you want the interior to look like and discuss it with family members who will mutually use the furniture. Ultimately, the comfort of your loved ones should be put as a top priority.

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